More about me….

Hi, my name is Hayley, I am a Holistic Therapist, BA Counselling and a Level 1 Anti-Gravity Instructor.

My life has continued to whisper to me and ask me some fundamental questions

Who am I? What do I want? Whats my purpose? What are my unique skills and talents? What do I expect in a meaningful relationship?

This is the beginning of creating your Soul Profile.

“You do not have a Soul, you are a Soul, you have a body” CS Lewis

So, as a soul and spirit experiencing this world I know I am an encourager, educator to love and walk alongside you, as a co-journer of this precious life we have been given.

When you are with me, my intention is for you to ‘ feel seen and validated’ to be ‘felt known and understood’. I will ‘Believe in You’. I do this because this is what was given to me in my darkest and most painful times. When I felt this Love, it was in this place I could gain faith, trust and love for myself. This began the healing of my whole self: heart, mind , body and soul.

You will have access to my 7 years of professional experience and training. I have honoured to work with all souls from 8 to 88 years.

I believe Soul or True Self, longs to be heard and to be listened to. To acknowledge, understand and gently permit old habits, ideas, unhelpful adaptations, unhelpful self definitions to step down and retire. To allow the true essence of you to emerge and gift yourself to your world.

Let your inner voice be heard and seen.

This will invite curiosity, instincts, intuition, spontaneity and play, awareness, creative problem solving, gratitude and deeply held values for life.

These are some areas I specialise in
Loss & Grief = Death of someone or something.Abuse and Trauma
Anxiety and DepressionCrisis of Identity
Career choices & changesChronic body pain and illness
Women Body Image challengesParenting adolescents
Compassion FatigueRelationship and Couple Wounding