Playful Dynamic Holistic Therapy

You get to ‘draw outside the lines’ – breaking all the rules that need breaking!

In the studio

We may begin your work in the comfort of my studio.

Here we begin to ask “what is that something that is trying to find you? Can you get out of its way and allow your personal authority to lead the way?

We will use evidence-based therapies, like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Narrative Therapy, Dream work, Metaphor work, Mindfulness, Creative drawing and expressive mediums, as well as Maori Spirituality/Health Models and tools.

Every step of the way, you will understand the process, you will guide the pace and set the intentions to suit your goals. You will ultimately be empowered to explore and then act into who you are becoming.

Are you ready to take up your power? To call on your courage, conquer your fears and take responsibility for your growth?

Responsi-ability – what is your ability to respond to your new life?

Out and About

Lets use our beautiful whenua (land) in the bay to nourish and support You!

He tina ki runga, he tamore ki roro

In order to flourish above, one must be firmly rooted below.

Your project may require a ‘walkntalk’ on the beach, in the bush, or explore our treasured Mount Mauao. This way of working honours our Mind-Body connection. This has been given the name Eco Therapy. This way of healing, believes our Body feels and holds tension too. It is proven pleasant natural environments can be incredibly healing and and nourishing on a cellular level.

Out and About, may be an opportunity for you to get creative and consider other ways we could support your project and goals. For example, address phobias or try something new like rollerskating, speed dating or a creative art.

If you wish to meet with me in the comfort of your own home or space, or meet with me via online video, ie; Skype or WatsApp, this is an option also.

Move Freely

As a Level 1 Anti Gravity Instructor, we may use the Christopher Harrison Hammock.

The Anti Gravity is a mixture of yoga, Aerial arts and Pilates. The AntiGravity philosophy and poses are a way for us to defy gravity and the ‘forces’ that prevent us from soaring in our lives. The techniques safely support and strengthen you to practice universal principles of life, like BREATH, TRUST, LET GO, HOLD ON, FORGIVE AND LOVE SELF, LISTEN, ACT, STOP, PLAY, LAUGH, STRETCH, LAND and LOVE.

This form of movement is getting outstanding results working with anxiety, depression and especially complex Trauma. We know emotional Trauma is held in the body, so here we allow the body to guide your holistic healing at your pace.

With my one on one guidance in the Anti Gravity studio you will have fun, stretch and grow. Come find out about the happy hormone cocktail that floods the body to support brain and body health after being in a Hammock inversion.

Thank you Hayley. I felt safe and listened to. You helped me to learn more about me and figure out what really gets me up in the morning and what shit has held me back. I understand my thinking better and I love the letters you write to me after each session. Amazing.

Mother 27

I cant thank you enough for the impact you’ve had on my life. Thank you for the time you have helped me figure myself out. Its been so lovely getting to know you, your wisdom meant so much to me

Blooming English Rose

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I’d never thought I would be comfortable with talk therapy until I met you. I truly appreciate your time and commitment to our Fridays. Your words and views have really resonated with me.

Animal Lover

Meeting with you Hayley has been a life changing experience! And I don’t say that lightly! Thank you again Hayley for all that you have done for me. Please know that I hold my experience with you as something very special and impactful.

‘T’ – On a Mish

Its hard to sit with Hayley and not feel like you have found your long lost friend. I started with Hayley doing individual counselling and then eventually couple counselling. I dont know any one person that can sit there with a couple and make each feel SO listened to and understood and connected to their values, morals and WHY we do the things we do in our lives and relationships….Hayley will go above and beyond for you(but will also make you own your shit). She is a caring professional, I could not recommend to enough people and I have tried…seriously.

Boss Babe

Would LOVE to meet YOU