I am the witness of my thoughts….

When you witness a dark thought, a dark thought that isnt going to get you anywhere.

You witness it and love it.

You love your dark thoughts

Remember the witness is part of the spoul.

And the soul loves everything

Everything, not every being, but Every – Thing!

Loves the clouds and the tress and the fish and the animals

And that Love coalesces the Universe

The oneness of the universe is Love

We know through compelling research that Mindfulness, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy along with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, are all helpful therapy tools that help us consider our thinking , to accept it, to test it, to observe it, to love it, to not let it define who we are, but allow us to be witnesses to our thinking and to create space, open awareness and compassion towards our thinking. In doing this we can invite creativity, new solutions, deeper knowings from within. Some may call it our gut, intuition, vision, insight, spirit, unconscious, dream states, our true self, our inner compass, our guru, our God.

Can you relate to this essence? What relationship do you have this ‘one’?

Can you remember a time when you felt connected and guided by this inner strength and guide? How did you feel? What was different for you in this place? Could you imagine it could support you in a place that difficult for you, in your life today?

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