Is the life you are living honoring who you really are?

Calling courageous hearts to explore and discover your ‘true self’ through talk therapy, creativity, movement and play. Uniquely designed to support your whole life.

Our time together

I am a qualified Counsellor, previously worked as a Counsellor at Bay Counselling and Therapy Services, Tauranga. I am experienced working with evidence based therapies, including Imago Relationship Therapy. I have worked as an EAP counsellor, Secondary School counsellor, Tutor/Educator for the Counselling Program at Bethlehem Tertiary Institute and a Mental Health Counsellor for Adolescents.

I am a Level 1 Anti Gravity Instructor, so we may also move and play in a Christopher Harrison Hammock. This way of working accesses the mind-body healing potential, especially for complex trauma. I appreciate our great back yard, so we may also walk and talk our beaches and parks. I am an educator and life learner, so we may also meet in groups to build connection, awareness and learning.

Soul; – a metaphor for the deepest parts of us, it brings awareness to our unhelpful adaptive parts, it asks something of us that can initially feel uncomfortable, it speaks on behalf of our purest selves.

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About Me

My life has asked me through the toughest times what moves me and what calls me to show up whole heartedly. What I know so far is the pain and difficulties have been my greatest opportunities to grow into my best self, or some would say my ‘true self’, beyond the social masks we embody.

Through my own life experiences, counselling training and sitting with others, it has become clear we have adopted scripts – ideas or beliefs we tell ourselves about who we are and how to make sense of the people and world around us, these have held us back or have become barriers to our growth and well being.

You will be welcomed into a warm, non judgement and strength focused relationship with me. Together we will explore the person and life you are working towards and understand the barriers that may be tripping you up.

Hourly time together
“in the studio”


Hourly time together
“out and about”


Hourly time together
“move freely



Created in 2020
by Hayley Botterill

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9:00 am – 5:00 pm
9:00 am – 5:00 pm